Kristen helped me eat better, and ultimately feel better, by expanding my knowledge of nutrition and how to use it to support my daily routine. She has consistently offered me simple and effective advice when I've felt like something was falling out of balance. And I can always count on her for a quick response to even my silliest food questions. - Chris F. 30

Kristen Mancinelli is thorough, inquisitive, thoughtful, intuitive, and full of candor, which are qualities she armed herself with as she assisted me with improving my diet. Her willingness to hold herself accountable along with me is what pushes you to succeed and want to improve from the start. She cares about your diet improvement and that's why she is so good and successful. - Airri M. 32

When I began seeing Kristen, my control of my diabetes was erratic and certainly uninformed. Kristen took the time to explain how my eating habits, my exercising and my hunger were all inter-related, and I have been very successful in keeping my glucose in check, as well as becoming stronger, and a better cook too! -Stephanie L. 61

Kristen has a refreshing and pragmatic approach that helped me to make the connection that the foods my body needed were indeed the ones that I can and do enjoy eating. Elizabeth S. 36

Kristen was able to guide me through a year-long journey in creating habits for a healthier lifestyle. The advice, insights, resources, and personalize programs was key to my ability to meet my goals. The style and manner she uses is huge in developing a comfortable and yet challenging environment for personal growth. Kiran M. 49

I am 42 years old, and I work in the medical field. You would think I would know a little more about eating right, but it's so easy to eat unhealthy! It was such a surprise, after meeting with Kristen, how many misconceptions I had in what was "good" for you to eat. Kristen is very knowledgeable, and was able to discuss all my preconcieved ideas, that I was told over and over growing up. Although, I may not eat as well as I should, at least I know now what my healthy vs. non healthy choices are. I've been able to make improvements and I'm always thinking about the advice Kristen as given to me. -JF

Kristen patiently (and succinctly) helped me to navigate my confusion around some core principles of nutrition - in a way that I was able to understand and remember, and which continually help me in my daily decision making. -Amar G. 31